University of Arts London, Central Saint Martins, London UK

We met yesterday 17 June 2015 at University of the Arts London Central Saint Martins in another great D&D event ‘How should the theatre industry engage with the new Government?’

I invited people to help me to put dreams and hearts into the dolls. Bill, Lewis, Clea, Fiona, Kasia, Vincent and Olivia came and we finished 11 dolls. We had good conversations. Some comments:

‘Don’t say 700 Regina, say 7 billion!’

‘First of all I would like to thank you immensely for the amazing experience. It has been a pleasure making the dolls with you. I know how important they are to you. I am happy to have been the lucky one to feel the immense good you are making through your job/life and to have contribute to this. I would recommend this session, this deep and philosophical session, to everyone because it makes you understand the importance of contributing/volunteering to a good cause for our modern society. Please Regina, keep on making these dolls and make everyone happy with your wonderful heart.’

We shared a special moment when he connected with his wonderful heart.

I love this project, I love the dolls, I love D&D. Thank you once more to make it possible.