Vila Industrial, Campinas SP Brazil

Rita, Cidinha, Ivani, Suzelei, Maria Conceição, Regina, Heloísa, Célia, Fátima, Nanci, Felipe, Osmarina, Maria Cristina, Maria Aparecida, Lourdes Paula, Mirian, Carmen, Tânia, Dalva, Lilian, Jacy, Esmeralda, Nilza e Vanderlane. We spent an afternoon making dolls. We made 24 in total. 

There were people from several places who had the chance to meet each other and exchange experiences. Some generously brought pillows to help the project and also food to share at the end of the workshop. After we finish making our dolls I mixed all of them up and asked the makers to find their own doll. Despite the fact they are all very similar it was a simple task. After spending such a long time making the doll it becomes unforgettable. We ended up our session placing all the dolls standing up together and we reproduced their space composition with our own bodies. We were 25 hearts beating together for a better world!

‘I was happy to share this moment, to meet different people. The mentor is a super polite, kind person with strong energy, she allowed us to be relaxed in our dreams that I even actually slept. I sang a song ‘…you didn’t want to dream the dream I dreamt…’ I had a wonderful afternoon.’ 

‘I arrived here as one person and left here as another. I leave this unique experience very invigorated due to the exchange of energy in the group and the meditation that transports us to another source of pleasure and good living. An incredible idea! I loved it!’ 

‘It was the first time I participated in something so innovative. I hope that the doll I made received all my love and a lot of positive energy. Thank you for the invitation. The moment of socialization was very good.’ 

‘Playful activity in which there was a lot of pleasant interaction with friends.’

‘I felt integrated with the group and I believe that these dolls will bring joy and integration wherever they are made. They can provide peace and union of people and the end of wars.’ 

‘This experience was a feeling of belonging to the whole of which we are part. We are all connected by the energies that circulate on the planet.’ 

‘I had a very good feeling as if my heart was beating in the doll. I felt a lot of peace, an incomparable feeling like I hadn’t felt before, it was a great feeling. It was a privilege to be here.’ 

‘The experience brings a lot of peace and tranquility, it is a type of cleansing of the soul.’ 

‘It was a new experience. I don’t like doing manual work. I always liked to renew the house – painting walls, doors, windows, railings. For the first time I managed to do work like this, a dream doll. Thanks for the opportunity.’ 

‘It was a pleasant moment with the group. I assembled the doll and passed joy and energy to its heart. I enjoyed helping people to assemble their dolls.’ 

‘For the first time I filled a rag doll called a dream doll. I thought I wouldn’t be able to do it, but I did it easily. I felt happier and fulfilled, it was a wonderful sensation. I realised I am capable of doing anything, I just need to want it and put it into practice.’

‘In the meditation I transferred good energy of love, health and joy for the doll and for whoever picks it up.’ 

‘A different afternoon bringing friends together and making a doll where we leave a little bit of ourselves to travel the world. I am grateful for the opportunity.’ 

‘ Beneficial meeting for us individually, for the group and for all living beings on our planet.’ 

‘ I’m happy to have organised the doll’s workshop and sew them. How many dreams fit into these little dolls! What a joy to see them standing and supporting each other just as we do in life. It was wonderful to see people helping each other in their difficulties. It’s very gratifying to know that my doll will brighten someone’s life. Thank you Regina for awakening so much emotion and energy this afternoon here in the city I chose to live in. Congratulations on the project. Now there are representatives from Campinas.’ 

‘Making the doll was a good feeling of calm and relaxation.’

‘The experience of making dream dolls with friends was very enjoyable.’

‘It was a moment of relaxation. Through this doll, my joy will arrive in someone’s hands, it has a little bit of me, my affection and satisfaction in making it.’

‘I am grateful for the opportunity to experience this unique moment, an extraordinary peace.’

‘I felt very far away, like I was flying, relaxed and free. Within each one of us has something special – to be happy. I loved the experience, it’s a work worth living, thank you!’

‘Lots of interaction between people and lots of help between each other.’

Thank you so much for all makers for the precious time we spent together, your generosity and joy during the entire session. Thank you for makers who donated their pillows and a special thank you to Jacy who sewed all dolls we worked with, donated dreams, open her space and brought all of us together. A huge thank you to you all!