York Hall, Bethnal Green, London UK

I am extremely grateful to the event Devoted and Disgruntled 9 that happened in the last weekend of January 2014 in London. It was the first time I had the opportunity to really feel and confirm my vision, to experience the dimension of the 700 dolls project in the world. The dolls have been given amazing moments by this incredible D&D space. They have supported the project since the very beginning giving me real love to keep going. Thank you!

I called a session suggesting we could reach the target of 63 dolls which represents 9% of them to celebrate D&D 9.

We put the heart into each doll, we had our quiet moment feeling our own hearts beating, we completed their legs with dreams and most of us sewed their legs.

We reached the target of 63 dolls.

I felt like I was in paradise having such an amount of generous people helping me to make the dolls.

We were in another space and time, with everybody but invisible. I could feel the density of this other world. We were supporting the entire group with this ‘love machine’ during 4 hours non stop. Real, concrete, practical love, simple and profound love that transforms us in our very centre.

Some comments:

‘I found out these dreams on the floor’

‘I made three dolls, one for me, one for my mother who died last October and one for my dad who died 10 years ago. I passed on their love, hope and generosity to be with the dolls wherever they go. I am so thankful for this opportunity to spread peace to myself and to the world’

‘I made 12 dolls for my father’s freedom because his freedom depends on 12 people’

‘ A real moment of stillness and focus on a shared humanity, for me a very personal experience which helped with some present difficulties, wonderful’

‘Provided space and a moment of calm during a hectic weekend’

‘I felt a sense of peace and gratitude. I had not realized I needed the quiet. Nor did I realized how I would enjoy, in that moment, connecting to a sense of global and, indeed, the whimsical. One small act is what I have to give’

‘Making my doll was very calming and helped me check back into myself. The quiet, the concentration, knowing that you are helping in a little and large way. It felt beautiful. Feeling the rhythm of the movement and the accomplishment. It was lovely, just lovely’

‘I liked to sew the dreams into the leg. It helped me focus and concentrate after a long day of discussions and talking’

‘Thank you for bringing the dolls at D&D. It was a lively moment for me when I sat down and had the opportunity to breath, close my eyes and feel my own heart beating. After two days of work and talks, it felt peaceful to have a moment of silence and recollection. I sewed two dolls, and it was special. Very poetic, yet simple. I wish you good luck with this beautiful project’

‘Thank you. Doing my bit touched my heart more than anything in the last days, let’s make 7 000 000 000’

Thank you so much everyone!