Alto da Lapa, Sao Paulo Brazil

Cecília, Claudemira, Sebastiana, Sônia, Lígia, Will, Vera e Claudia came to make dolls. We made nine dolls in total. Claudemira helped sew the legs of some of them.

We played with our dolls making different compositions in the space. They supported each other to stay on their own feet. Vera made beautiful of photos of them. After that we meditated together feeling our pulse and breath. 

‘Thanks for allowing us to see what the poet foretold: we are such stuff as dreams are made on.’

‘A rich experience, we think and send positive energy to others.’

‘It was a beautiful experience, being so in the present, concentrated in the puppet in my hand but at the smae time being in the future, hand by hand with the person who will play with it. Being present to build the future.’

‘Immersive and rewarding experience.’

‘Bless you!’

I am really grateful to Cecilia who generously received us in her house. Besides sharing her space she baked delicious cakes for us. Thank you so much for all makers for an adorable time we spent together, thank you!