Perdizes, São Paulo Brazil

In January Claudia, Alice, Lili e Sandra came to make dolls in Perdizes, São Paulo Brazil. We made five dolls in total.

We had a joyful time talking about the project and sharing our life experiences. We finished the session meditating and after that we put the dolls standing together, they couldn’t stand up alone.

We talked about the colours of the dolls that are the colour of our bones. They reminded me that in the Eutony technique we work our skin and bones. Such a beautiful coincidence with a technique I hold dear to my heart. It is a practice based on sensory awareness developed by Gerda Alexander.

‘Feet must be full of dreams’ 

‘It was a magical moment, giving life and filling that little one with dreams… Filling it seemed easy but no… I’m glad we were together, in a circle, as if we were by the fire… Telling stories, laughing, singing. .. A circle of women sharing their pearls… A spontaneous and fleeting moment… Giving pulse to the dream… The thought came: fly, fly little bird! Get out of my hand and go to the world! And how beautiful it is to put all of them together standing up! Dreams the color of bones and skin, they could only stand up because they were together… What a beautiful inspiration.’

‘Filling a rag doll with dreams and putting a heart in it is a way of reminding us that we are made of dreams, that we have a heart that beats, that together we stand supporting each other and that we can have a voice in the world, on the five continents that will receive these dolls. It was a unique and very special experience. Thank you Regina for the opportunity to be part of this dream.’

I am very grateful for everybody who helped making dolls, for Claudia who brought a pillow full of dreams and a huge thank you to Sandrinha for inviting the project and sharing her space with us.