Thank you!

I would like to thank so much all the people who has helped the project so far.

They make dolls
Ana from Brazil
Annalisa from Italy
Angela from England
Barbara from Hungary
Carmelita from Portugal
Caroline from England
Claudia from Brazil
Cynthia from Holland
Heidi from Denmark
Inita from Latvia
Jacy from Brazil
Jasmin from Turkey
Juliette from France
Mari from Spain
Nicola from England
Olivia from Brazil
Rosalba from Italy
Saori from Japan
Tabada from Brazil
Vera from Brazil
They are supporters
Alan from England
Alice from England
Arabella from England
Becky from England
Chris from England
Ellis from England
Elspeth from Scotland
Jennifer from England
Kath from England
Lee from England
Lewis from England
Neca from Brazil
Oliver from Hungary
Patricia from Brazil
Pippa from Australia
Phelim from England
Sarah from England
Susie from Italy
Victor from England
Victoria from England


What will happen?

We are going to show them as an art installation so people can see all of them together. It will include performances and workshops.

After that we will decide where they are going to be sent. They could be invitedĀ  to all kinds of places including schools, hospitals, occupational therapy clinics etc.

At this point people who receive the dolls will decide what they are going to do with them. They can decide for example their gender, paint and dress them, give them a face and hair or they can just keep them in their simple shape.



In the picture above you can see the percentage that 700 dolls represents for each continent.

This is an artistic project and a healing process.

It would be amazing if at some point in the future there were to be one doll representing you, me and each one of us on this planet!

Shall we make it happen?

She is dancing

She wants to dance her thoughts in the lake.

She wants to be washed by clean ideas.

She remembers when she was alive running in the fields.

She loved being alive.

She was a kind woman.

She dances and run with her thoughts.

She dances because she wants to be happy again.

She is holding her dress because she is running.



Right leg listens

left arm speaks

head sigh

right arm rests

left leg in the air

trunk moves through her heart

feet look to the lake of her emotions.