Barbican, London UK

Last Friday, 19th August, we went to a D&D event at Barbican ‘Shall we create a European Union of Artists?’

I called a session ‘Fear and anger are held between our shoulder blades – 700 angels to bring peace to 7 billion people, help me with the wings’

Leo, Gretchen, Holly, Dora and Greta came to the session, we made the whole process with some dolls and we put wings in 25 of them.

We were in a privileged spot that included a free colour therapy throughout the day – there was over our heads a light ceiling that changed colour all the time, rainbow colours, loved it!

I showed everybody the developmental process from the Human (‘here’) to the Angel (‘up there’) passing through the intermediate stage (‘here – there – everywhere’).

In the last session I had an important conversation, it gave me strength to deal with stuff I’ve been having some difficulties at this moment, thank you Susie!

Some comments:

‘Third D&D. First doll. Learnt how to sew and surprisingly meditative throughout, from the first efforts to stuff the feet to the final meditation. Very glad to have finally made a doll’.

‘It was very calming and therapeutic and conducive to good conversation’

We were a small group at the event but the quality of our meeting was excellent with amazing feedbacks at the big closing circle.

Thank you everyone and Sarah, Susie and Phelim to help making this open space such a loving place, thank you!

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