Cressfield Close Sheltered Housing, Kentish Town, London UK

On Wednesday afternoon 13th July we went to Cressfield Close sheltered housing with the dolls. Mary, the lady who takes care of the elders, Connie, Peggy, Jean, Ivy and Karol came and we made 9 dolls. At the end of the session we all meditated together.

In the three workshops I run with the elders so far we shared our life stories, ‘good or bad’, with an incredible sense of humour, it was so fun, we laugh a lot and I was specially inspired by their joy of being alive (some of them over 90). I needed to stay for almost two hours more than planned because they all wanted to finished their dolls.

Thank you so much Karol for invited me to spend such a good time together, my heart is with them all.

I went out feeling that depressed people could benefit a lot by doing volunteer work with the elders, they can cheer them up.