Barons Court Theatre, London UK 

Yesterday we made dolls at the Sunday Fix at Barons Court Theatre. 

Colette, Leo, Lola Rose, Rory and Anna were the makers. We made 11 dolls in total.

‘I really enjoyed this doll making experience, I found it very cathartic and relaxing to focus on one simple creative task. It was wonderful to meet Regina and be involved in this beautiful project and connecting with others.’

‘A beautiful way to think about our hearts and dreams and the 8 billion other hearts and dreams all around us. ( I particularly love the heartbeat meditation at the end).’

‘I found it very soothing – there’s something comforting about the repetitive nature of creating the doll, and the result is lovely. I especially enjoyed zeroing in on my pulse. I can’t wait to see the final result.’

For the first time we made dolls while watching the scenes performed on stage, it was perfect. 

Thank you so much Leo and Sharon for inviting the project for the Sunday Fix and a big thank you for all makers who made and meditated their dolls. Thank you!