Lyric Hammersmith, London UK

Yesterday we met at Lyric Hammersmith in another D&D event to work on ‘Aspiring and current executive directors in the arts, what do we need?’  

Varnish and Paul came to make dolls. Varnish started to add dreams into her doll and will finish up when we meet next. Paul made one doll from the beginning to the end completing the process with the meditation. Dawn popped over and suggested to offer the project as an engagement project for staff development, can be done in lunch break in canteen, open space workshop, dolls can be exhibited at workplace, staff/organization can agree a theme of peace. We made 5 dolls in total.

‘I put my heart into the doll and kept it safe there.’ 

Thank you so much for Natalie who organized the event and inspired so many people to turn up. There were many people but not much time to work on all the sessions we wanted. Hopefully another event will happen soon. 

Thank you for Varshini who facilitated the event delivering a brilliant introduction – her warmth put us at easy and her brilliancy helped us shine in our own way. 

Thank you for Dawn who brought good ideias for the project and a special thank you for Paul who has been generously making quite a few dolls over the years.

Thank you everybody!