Battersea Arts Centre, London UK

Yesterday we were all together in another Emergency D&D. The first one was in July 2016 just after Brexit referendum.

The event yesterday was an invitation by Ben, he asked us ‘What action can we take as the arts sector in response to the proroguing of parliament?’

Jo, Kelsie and Rachel came to make dolls, we made 6 dolls and we meditated.

The dolls answered to Ben – they want to queue to the sky. They are going to get help. 

A huge thank you to Ben for inviting us to an essential event, thank you so much Phelim, Nick, Olivia, Sarah and all D&D team who organised everything in just one week, to BAC for the wonderful space and thank you so much for all makers who helped us to be nearer the sky.

We are going to reach the stars together. 

We will learn how to live in our beautiful blue planet. 

The queue is getting higher and higher…  

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