Wapping Open Studios, London UK

We had a fantastic weekend at Wapping Open Studios. We made dolls at Happiness at Work studio last Friday and Saturday and on Sunday we worked all day at Moorings Hermitage.

The makers were Mary, Julia, Mayou, Helen, Simon, Henry, Jenny, Edith, Nick, Olivia, Tasia, Nina, Krishma Moorthy, Shobha, Kripa, Coco, Tina, James, Fiona, Andreas and Angelos. Henry and Jenny made a doll together, Jenry. 

We made 20 dolls in total, 8 of them are sailors. First time we worked on a floor that rocked over the water. Before we left the moorings they all played at the ship’s wheel.

‘A total inspiration, if only we all had dreams and peace. Thank you Regina.’

’Nice peaceful experience.’

‘An amazing experience, journey really, that begins with a simple exercise and ends with an unexpected awareness of what is created, felt and embraced through the mind and soul.’

‘Let the world be at peace all times.’

’An experience that grows on you as you create a body that lives with a heart, and maybe a liver too! A calming and warm session.’

‘I’m hoping this will help people look outward. A great project.’ 

‘This was an unique experience and a labour of love to make a doll rich with symbolism. It was a fantastic ice breaker in a new community, to take time out of the day to day and to focus on creating, while being gently and lovingly guided by Regina.’ 

‘Lovely to meet you, your project really warmed my heart.’

Thank you so much Mayou for inviting us to the WOS19 and for organizing all the event with such amount of care and love. I had the most beautiful birthday ever, an unique experience at the moorings and a weekend surrounded by adorable people. I am really honoured and grateful, thank you! 
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