Boulevard Theatre, Soho, London UK

Last Friday we met at a satelite D&D event ‘ What can mental health workers and Deaf artists do together to improve care for Deaf people?’ at Boulevard Theatre, London.

Boulevard Theatre is a little gem hidden in the middle of busy Soho. It is a stunning contemporary space. There is an intimate arena stage that spins and the space for the audience also spins around. I was amazed! It was a real pleasure to stay with everyone in such beautiful space.

Paul, Momtaz, Nathalie and Camille came to make dolls, we made 5 dolls and we meditate.

‘I loose my heart easily, as well as my mind. I like to put my heart into things I do.’

It was an extraordinary event that left everybody feeling like meeting again as soon as possible. Everybody felt how essential is to have this kind of meetings, essential for the community.

Thank you so much Sarah and Ben for holding the space for all of us, thank you for incredible interpreters and for all makers who spent some time making dolls.


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