Omnibus Theatre, London UK

Middle of March we met at Omnibus Theatre for two evenings, 6 to 10pm,  and an afternoon that finished also in the evening at 9pm.

Lauriane, Nicolás, Nelson, Camilla, Calia, Stacey and Sue joined us. We made 7 news dolls and I finished quite a few dolls from previous events.

‘Someone somewhere is being helped right now and doesn’t even know about it.’

‘My third doll. Joyful and magical as always. Thank you Regina!’

It was our last event before social distancing due to coronavirus. Omnibus, as well all other venues, closed their doors and we began our new routine in our homes.

I feel this situation is an extreme wake up call. Nature wants to be healthy. We are Nature. We will invest all our work in loving care in all levels, to ourselves and everything else that surround us. We Nature will be healed.

Thank you so much dearest Omnibus team for all your support and a huge thank you for all the makers, we truly had a wonderful time together.

We will hug again soon!