Delton Tower Sheltered Housing, Kentish Town, London UK

On Wednesday 11th May I went for the first time to Delton Tower sheltered housing. I was invited by Karol, a puppeteer that I met in a D&D last year. Mary, Janice, Catherine, Lili, Reginald and Karol came, we put dreams and hearts into the dolls and we meditated connecting with our pulse.

We had an interesting conversation about the new Mayor of London with very different opinions – ‘here is not England anymore’, ‘ it is much better now’ and so on.  They also shared lots of jokes during the entire morning.

We are going to meet again to make some more dolls, to finish some of them and to have more fun together.

Karol has donated her pillow full of dreams to the project, thank you!

See you all soon!IMG_3172