Delton Tower Sheltered Housing, Kentish Town, London UK

On Wednesday 13th July ¬†we spent the morning at Delton Tower sheltered housing for the second time. ¬†Janice, Mary, Catherine, Patsy and Karol came. We turned inside out 20 dolls, Janice and Mary finished the dolls they started in the last time. Patsy wants to be called the sewing lady, she can’t deal with the stuffing as she is allergic of it, so she sew the leg of a doll that she named Millie. Catherine started another doll and left us earlier.

At the end of the session Donna and ?, the ladies who take care of the elders, joined us and we all meditated together focusing on our pulse and breath, it was a beautiful moment!

I really enjoy being with them again, we feel relaxed and happy together.