Dolls and Meditation, São Paulo, Brazil

Kitty, Leky, Livia, Luana, Gabriela, Claudia, Simone, Mariana, Maria Tereza, Glaucia, Ana Maria, Lili, Marinalva, Dedé, Gil, Rica, Neca, Vera, Claudia and Pina joined the workshop ‘Dolls and Meditation’ last December in São Paulo, Brazil. We filled the dolls with dreams and hearts and meditated all together at the end of the event.

We made 32 dolls. We were adults, teenagers, children and a dog. Pina, who always barks a lot when she doesn’t know people, unexpectedly remained quietly all the afternoon despite the fact that she didn’t know most of the people who came to the workshop, well done Pina! 

Glaucia became the official seamstress of the dolls’ legs – many of us gave her our dolls to finish off sewing. I guess it was a lot of work, she ended up sleeping.

Some days before this event, Claudia, Marinalva and I cut 30 dolls, turned inside out 32 and sewed 7. The sewing machine wasn’t working properly so Marinalva took 55 dolls to sew at her house, in total she sewed 62 dolls, a beautiful coincidence – she is 62 years old!

Some comments

‘It was amazing! It’s great to join so many people with constructive energy. People don’t feel isolated and recognise that there are many of us out there and this is good for the world. Just being together is already a blessing.Thank you Re.’

‘There are so many images and sensations brought to me by this experience – courage, overcoming, compassion, unity, hope, dreams … I feel well and happy. Gratitude to all – the house, the hosts, the participants and to you and your beautiful shared dream. Thank you very much Regina, very special to meet you.’

‘Filling dolls with dreams of cotton without knowing where they are going. Children smiling, adults laughing and I …sleeping! Thank you for the opportunity to share the afternoon with nice and wonderful people like you Regina. See you in London!’

‘It was a beautiful afternoon group, people with harmonious ideas working with love. It was a privilege to be with my granddaughter learning about wisdom, love and joy, thank you!’

‘Thank you very much for today, we are going to sleep full of positive energy and faith in the human being… Pina also loved the house full of people. The good energy will remain here… thank you!’

‘It was wonderful to participate in the making of the dolls and meditation. It is an act of love. Doing this alongside loved ones and especially with my daughters, who also loved to participate, brought moments of unity and empowerment. I met the other and myself. Divine experience! Gratitude.’

Thank you everybody for your generous presence, a special thank you to Claudia and Vera who organized the event and shared their cozy space, I love you.



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