Dolls and Meditation Invitation, São Paulo, Brazil.

On 11 December 2016 I run a workshop called ‘Dolls and Meditation’ in São Paulo, this is the invitation written by Claudia Vasconcellos.

‘Trump president of the United States, Britain outside the European Union, far right in ascendence in the whole world. Brazil, from any perspective that is observed, in crisis.

There are concrete ways of combating the regressive wave, with vote, with undersigned, in resistance, in commitment to plural ideas and attitudes, in short, what we have done so far. 

But there is a complementary, subtle, and absolutely necessary way, which is via meditation. In this case, meditation can be understood as a collective collaboration to harmonise disconcerting tendencies, to neutralise impulses of anger and intolerance; and thus propagate a deep human tune which evolves into states of fraternity and compassion.

In the present case, meditation is carried out together with the manufacture of dolls that will be donated in groups of 700, for asylums, nurseries, schools, hospitals etc., on the five continents.

This poetic exchange strengthens relations amongst the inhabitants of the planet. It is a gesture of solidarity, peace and hope spreader called DREAMS AND A HEART.

Regina Mendes, creator of DREAMS AND A HEART, has been conducting her workshops between England and Brazil for the last 4 years. The first community of dolls is ready and it will find their destiny in the hands of other people. 

Check out DREAMS AND A HEART details at:

We invite you to extend the power of this gesture, donating some time of your Sunday in the company of people who also dream a more fraternal world.’