Florescer na Mata, Caucaia do Alto, SP, Brazil

On 27 November I run this workshop in the beautiful countryside at Florescer na Mata.


Before the workshop, during the morning, we walked in the beautiful preserved forest with doctor Fernando Bignardi, the idealizer of Florescer na Mata, who shared with us his knowledge about plants and animals. When we came back to the house we had organic green juices made by Heloisa and delicious lunch cooked by Julia.

After the lunch we started the workshop. Solange, Cynthia, Fernando, Julia, Eliana, Odete, Irani, Gisela, Rodrigo, Heloisa, Pedro and Lelia came, most of them working in Health Services and the Arts. We put dreams and hearts into 13 dolls and we meditated together connecting with our heartbeat.

Some comments

‘I really enjoyed participating in this project – to fill the dolls with dreams is to reactivate our relationship with our neighbour and with our own dreams. It is to know we are able to walk forward without losing our primordial essence.’

‘It was very good to welcome you with your initiative. I really like making your dolls! I feel that with them I find a channel of connection with the universal network of love and compassion. I hope we can repeat this gesture many times, each time with more participants. Strong and loving embrace and gratitude.’

‘When you were introducing the project to us, I saw a flock of angels in your head … do not be intimidated if someone says you’re a dreamer, keep going’

‘I was excited for the experience, but maybe because I was in a rush, I was unable to feel the moment.’

‘Through the dolls you are moving the matrix of thought, inserting the emotional element and giving it representative form. People may not even see the mechanism you are triggering, but this process is introducing Love into people’s lives on a large scale. I felt that there is an intense spiritual accompaniment in your work. May you reach millions of dolls!’

‘Collaborating with your project made me feel very satisfied. I would like to make a doll to myself to remember my dreams. I thought of the dreams spread all over the world. I could fill with dreams a little house, a tree, an animal, a country … I would fill any shape with dreams!’

We spent a lovely day together, thank you so much for the invitation, thank you everybody who came to make dolls and a special thank you to Heloisa who helped organised the event. Hope we can meet again soon.