Ler Devagar LX Factory, Lisbon, Portugal

Last Tuesday we went to Ler Devagar LX Factory in Lisbon. They always give me a big space where I can also show some slides and films about the project. 

Gabi, Miles, Ana, Alexia, Vaso, Luis and Miguel came to the workshop, we meditated and made seven dolls together. 

We were a physiotherapist, a philosopher, a gynecologist, a dance psychotherapist, a social worker, a craftsmen from Australia, Portugal, Spain, Greece and Brazil, all together sharing our unique experiences. All of them took selfies with their dolls as soon they finished them.

Some comments:

‘It was an amazing experience. I made something with my hands and I felt the heart of it, thank you!’  

‘It was such a pleasure to be part of this project. Amazing afternoon in Lisbon. I wish all the best for the future exhibitions.’ 

‘Una experiencia fantástica! Formar parte en un proyetco como este es algo único. He sentido cosas mientras colocaba el corazón en el muñeco i creo que no lo olvidaré nunca. Gracias por este momento inesperado.’ ‘Fantastic experience! Being part of a project like this is something unique. I have felt things while I put my heart into the doll I think I will never forget it. Thank you for this unexpected moment.’ 

‘Fue un momento precioso, caminando por Lisboa hasta coincidir en el camino de este hermoso projecto. Todos estamos conectados de alguma forma. Espero estos sueños ajuden a las personas que lo necesiten.’ ‘It was a precious moment, walking through Lisbon to coincide in the path of this beautiful project. We are all connected in some way. I hope these dreams will help people who need it.’

I love to run workshops at Ler Devagar LX Factory, the coolest bookshop in Lisbon. Thank you so much Alexandra, Pedro, Nuno and everybody who made a doll, we spent a lovely time together, thank you!

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