Via Idea and CVA, Vila Nogueira de Azeitão, Setúbal, Portugal

Last Saturday we went to Vila Nogueira de Azeitão in Setubal, Portugal, to run workshops at Via Ideia art gallery and at the art association CVA. 

Raquel, Manuel, Patrícia, Miguel, Isabel e José Victor joined us to make dolls and meditate. We completed seven dolls, two I’ll finish myself, nine in total.

‘Eu tive um sonho de sair de mim, e voltar para alguem. O meu coração bateu, então senti o pulsar dos dois, do meu e do de alguem que pulsou em mim.’ ‘I had a dream to leave me, and go back to someone. My heart beat, then I felt the pulse of both, of mine and someone’s who pulsed in me.’

‘I was a bit skeptical about the workshop but when I met Regina I got it. I think what she does through this project is to capture the best in us and make time pass slower. I really enjoyed building my doll and I am pleased to know that this doll I made today will be part of an installation with so many other dolls that people like me helped to make. I am even happier to know that the dolls serve to a good cause. As I meditated my baby felt the energy kicking vigorously my belly. Thank you Regina! ‘

‘I really enjoyed making my doll, it’s a fun activity and we helped an exhibition to be assembled.’

‘It was a privilege to participate in this project. Life is made of dreams. Hopefully we will always dream together united by the same heart.’

‘I made a figure, in it I left part of me.’

One of them said that the minutes he spent making the doll was felt like an infinite space within himself, another person said that the number 21 is special for her and the workshop was on 21st July.

It was lovely to spend the day making dolls with such sensitive people who live in a calm traditional Portuguese village. The difference we feel is huge compared to big cities – there is space, there is time, people breath and love is in the air. 

Thank you so much Ana for the invitation, Raquel and Jose to receive us in their spaces, I really appreciated it,  thank you! 

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